14 Sep 2008
Stii's mooncake

Today is again another Mid-Autumn Festival. Did you know? That only in Malaysia & Singapore that this festival is called the Lantern Festival or Moon Cake Festival? I guess cause we don't have autumn here and seriously, it's a nicer and straight forward name too. Hehe... Well, Stii made moon cakes this year. He gave me one with my favourite filling inside, lotus seed paste (or lían róng, sometimes refered to as linlong by eva). Yummy! Thanks Dude! I even took the time to take a shot of the last piece of that moon cake. This year I didn't really get to celebrate this festival, since Stii wasn't around.

One of the victimised lanterns

Last year, we had our highly-flammable and torturous lanterns hanging around the house. The lanterns last year was fun but short lived. Salute to the lanterns!

Wai Khong doing his thang!

Well, TOA organised the Mid-Autumn Night last friday. What's it about? I'm not so sure lei. Moon cakes and lantern designs gua... All I know is that Wai Khong was going to sing that night. I was assigned to help Wai Khong shoot and edit his videos. Here are the 4 songs that Wai Khong sang. The band is called After Hours, featuring Wai Khong on the vocals, Emmanuel on the rythm guitar, Nelson on the lead guitar and others. These videos are the edited "Reuben version". Enjoy!

1st Song: 我愿意 (Wo Yuan Yi)

2nd Song: Sway

3rd Song: Black Magic Woman

4th Song: Wonderful Tonight

After watching them perform, I kinda regret for not playing with them this time. Hehe... Next time again la! Call me again! Sorry about this time la, guys! Learn more about Wai Khong by clicking here.

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